In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I talk with Anders Ronnau, a master coach, hypnotherapist, trainer, and writer, and the ADHD coach behind the Transforming ADHD Movement. Anders is the leading ADHD coach in Denmark, and for the past seven years has been teaching both parenting programs and been an ADHD coach trainer. He recently launched his online community and business, Transforming ADHD.

Anders has a unique approach to working with his clients, who are anywhere from six years old to adults, and I was really intrigued to learn more about his work and find out what its implications are for our children. His focus is on development his client’s cognitive skills and behaviors to help them be better at managing their time, focus, and temperament, as well as rebuilding their self-worth.


About Anders: Anders Ronnau is fiercely committed to helping children, teenagers, and adults transform their ADHD through cognitive enhancement, and inspire them to become extra-ordinary with their unique gifts and talents. His focus is on developing his clients’ cognitive skills, in order to help them become better at managing their time, focus and temper, as well as rebuilding their self-worth. He works with clients from 6 years old and up. Only recently has he translated his work into English as articles, videos, and online courses. You can find a special video for TiLT Parenting listeners along with a bunch of free resources at



  • A look at whether or not positive behavior systems work in the long-term for kids with ADH
  • How to gain access to the inner world of a child
  • How “externalization” helps change behavior
  • Why a differently-wired person’s inner negative self-talk is their biggest hurdle as they get older
  • Ander’s tips for things parents can do at home to help their kids
  • How the magic question—What were you trying to do?—allows us to reach out with curiosity instead of blame or anger





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