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Found your site on Facebook this morning. Cried reading the manifesto. Thanks for creating this community. I am excited to listen to the podcasts, read, and contribute!

Mom to 3 differently wired kids

Finding Tilt has been a lifeline for me — I truly feel like a groupie! Your podcast has made me feel that we’re not all alone. We have a tribe and so does my son…we just have to find them!

Speech pathologist & mom to 2e son


A “Masterclass” in Executive Functioning with Seth Perler (Part 1)

Dr. Dan Siegel on Helping Our Kids Develop a “Yes Brain”

Anya Kamenetz Talks About Her Book “The Art of Screen Time”

13-Year-Old Asher Talks About Deep Areas of Interest

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This is a thank you note to you and Asher for this website! I discovered it about a week ago and I can’t wait to continue to learn and grow through all your resources…

Mom to a differently wired son

I love this podcast! As a parent and as an educator and parent coach, I have learned so much! I also love the term “differently wired”. What a great way to describe some of our children.

Parent, educator, and parent coach

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